We are passionate design & tech enthusiasts, who believe that with the creative use of the latest innovations, technology can bring us all closer and helps us live a more fulfilling life. Utilizing our expertise in product design, hardware & software development, we create beautifully designed, wearable and connected products that make everyday life easier, safer and more fun.

Since 2013


Fellow Technologies was founded with the mission of developing our first project: to create Fellow, a beautiful and smart gadget that strengthens the special relationship between dog and owner. The durable Bluetooth device enables people to monitor their dogs’ location, find them if they get lost, and expands their range of care for their pets. In addition, Fellow’s community network connects dog owners and enables them to get to know each other and their dogs, if they wish.

Always Together, Never Apart.


We are launching Fellow on Indiegogo this year, so your animal friend and you can soon immerse yourselves in the Fellow experience: Always Together, Never Apart. If you have any questions or you are interested in becoming a distributor for this product, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Also, follow us for the latest news and updates!

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