Our team

Utilizing our expertise in product design, hardware & software development.


CEO / CTO / Founder

16 years of experience in product development and 8 years in production, his team took part in product development and production of several global brands. In 2014 he got in the Top100 in NASA Tech Briefs product innovation competition with his team. The innovation he introduced here has been used with Fellow.
"The Engine"



25 years of experience in international commerce. Over 5 years of executive directing and ownership of an English company.
"The Experience"


Creative Director

Over 10 years of experience in advertising and communication with the biggest brands. Significant knowledge in UX/UI and crowdfunding arrangements.
"The Impulse"


Head of Design

RED DOT prize winner with several successful product designs, including Teqball and Cash Cube cash registers among others.
"The Shaper"


Brand Manager

5 years of experience in digital marketing. Working on the digital campaigns of several national and global brands as well as being the digital brand manager of Hungary’s biggest premium home design store. Community media specialist.
"The Balance"


Communications Ambassador

7 years of experience in speech development and a performer certificate. A year experience in voluntary recruitment. Dog lover for 15 years.
"The Voice"